Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Reviews: February 2012

My goal of reading 2 books a month has gone by the wayside.  But I have read 2 books in 2 months - hey, its something.

As usual I am joining 5 Minutes for Books' Whats on your Nightstand for February.

I read the Duggar's second book: A Love that Multiplies. I found this book better organized than their last book.  It went more in depth about their life after their show not just parenting tips and history of their family.  I really enjoyed this being a mom, and a fan.  If you aren't a fan or if you aren't looking for information from experienced parents you probably aren't gonna like this book.

I also read Scorpians for Breakfast by Jan Brewer.  Jan Brewer is the Governor of Arizona, my Governor.  There was a bill passed here in Arizona that was the subject of much debate and lawsuits.  In her book Brewer goes over how the bill came to be, why she signed it and the repercussions the passage of the bill has had.  There is only so much a 30 second news segment can cover on a topic, so this goes much more in depth.  My one complaint with the book was the lack of bibliography.  She talks about how many hours was spent researching the information for the book but none of her references are sited.  But overall it was a good book and I already have a list of people waiting to borrow it.

Currently I am reading Onward  by Howard Shultz.  Its very good so far and I constantly find myself wanting coffee.  Or maybe I always want coffee and this book just made me realize how much.