Thursday, February 2, 2012

When you just HAVE to laugh

I don't know what it is with kids and eggs. Not real eggs of course, because that would make sense.  And if you have kids you will know there is just none of that going on.  First my 6 year old wanted to eat popcorn kernels and called them eggs, then he thought that they were growing eggs in a field when it was really cantaloupe. Now my 2 year old is in on it.  He brought me a handful of raisins yesterday and said, "Mmmmm nommy eggs."  And greedily shoved the whole thing in his mouth.  Was glad it wasn't actually eggs as that would have been way messier.

We have pink eye going around and I asked my 2 year old about his eyes, "Are your eyes goopy?"  Either I have an accent or he has no idea what goopy means since he very indigently replied, "NO! My eyes aren't poopy!" Looking at my kids with pink eye though, he might be right.  Ew.  Its gross.  So gross.

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