Saturday, May 29, 2010

Camp Fire Stories

If ever you are sitting around a fire with your kids you should tell them stories.  Its a lost art.  It helps if you have a good imagination, not just for listening but for hearing.  If you can't think up something on your own, here is one from my dh that he told our kids around the campfire.

The Princess and the Troll

There once was a beautiful Princess who fell prey to an evil Troll.  The Troll kidnapped the Princess and took her back to his lair. Fortunately for her 10 brave knights decided to rescue the princess.  They set off for the Troll's lair, each carrying a magical sword. The magic was unique to each knight and had special properties just for that knight.  As they approached the Troll's lair the he came out to confront the knights.  The knights stood fast and brave, ready to fight.  In one fell swoop 3 of the knights vanished.  Eaten by the Troll for the Troll was fast as lightening and had an enormous mouth.  The rest of the knights were as resolved as ever, now to avenge the death of their comrades as well as to save the Princess.  Then just as quickly as the first time, another 3 knights were gone.  Yet, the knights stood brave and strong and tried to fight the terrible Troll.  But they also were eaten by the Troll.  One last knight stood before the Troll, all around him were the swords of the fallen knights.  Then the Troll spoke to the last knight, "You are pathetic.  You are so slllooowww.  I will eat you also and then have the Princess for dessert."  The Knight thought for a minute, 'You know I don't know this Princess real well and I don't want to be someones dinner.  So I think I give up.'  He then threw his sword on the ground and ran away home.  Then End. 

Thats what you call a twist ending.  My 9 yr old son says he doesn't like twist endings.  Hope it made you laugh. 

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