Monday, May 24, 2010

With whom I share my life

I am reminded of the poem Seventh in which the author observes:
So many eyes are blinded
by the whispers of this world--
to them, there is no miracle
in a human life unfurled.

A baby's just a plaything,
a burden, or a chore,
and we must proceed with caution
to prevent too many more!

How many people want to have a baby but don't want the child?  How many find it exciting to be pregnant, to get that attention a precious baby brings but once they become a toddler they get annoyed with the parenting.  And how many people assume every parent must think the children are a burden because they do.  

I, for one, find the 'unfurled human life' precious.  I realize the challenges that will come with each day of parenting.  I know its not gonna be all gummy smiles and sloppy kisses.  I know there are hard times and sleepless nights.  I know children are messy and gross and destructive and aggravating.  Yet, it all pales in comparison to sharing the rest of my life with them.  To having 8 people whom I can love forever.  To know that they are forever connected to me because I choose to have them. 

Think of just 1 person that you would cry over, that your heart would break for, if they were gone today.  Think of how much they mean to you, how much you love them, how much mean in your life.  Imagine your future, with them there and if they were gone.  I wanted to have lots of people like that in my life.  I didn't have 8 kids just because I wanted to have a cute little baby to dress up, or a child to raise to be the perfect person whom I could live vicariously through.  I didn't have children because someone told me to or because someone expected me to.  I wanted a life full of love and joy.  To have those types of people in my life; that I can spend the rest of my days with, that would break my heart if they were gone. 

Its such an honor that God gave me 8 with whom I share my life.  And I hope I honor Him in return my loving what He gave me with my whole heart. 


  1. I feel exactly the same way. One of the main reasons we homeschool is that I LIKE my kids! I love them, of course, but I actually like them as well. They make me laugh, they make me remember things from childhood I had forgotten. And watching their faces as they finally "get" something we've been learning - that's not something I want to miss. I don't want to give that to some teacher somewhere. God gave these kids to me, a precious gift, and I intend to enjoy them to the fullest, all day, everyday. I can't stand to see people who treat their friends and even strangers way better than they treat their children. I've heard parents speak more kindly to animals and strangers on the street than they do their own children. I only have two, and I am far from a perfect parent, but they are my greatest treasures. Love your blog. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! Yea, sometimes I like to escape but the entire time I am gone I think about the kids. No one loves them like I do, so no one can care for them the way I do.