Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally, a highchair

When we were down town today we drove by our favorite thrift store.  Outside they had a ton of furniture so we had to stop.  The last time we were there they had no furniture, now they had so much it was all out side.  I quickly spotted a dresser I liked and some chairs.  Only problem, we couldn't fit everything in the van and we didn't have time to go home, unload and come back.  So I couldn't get the set of chairs I wanted.  But I did find 2 I liked for even less.  We could fit 2 chairs and the dresser.  So I got the 2 chairs and a dresser for $38.  We have been using folding chairs at our dining table for a year.  I would have loved to have gotten that set.  This replaced one folding chair and now we had one for the baby. 

So I bought a booster seat for him.  Its nothing like I wanted but its really cheap!  You know I like cheap.  And since I am not even fertile yet who knows if or when we will ever have another baby.  Did I mention it was cheap? And the best part?  I can push the chair, with the booster on it, right under the table.  We have so much more room now.  And the baby seems to really like it. 

Now I have to figure out who to give the dresser to.  #6 and #7 are sharing a dresser right now.  So are the girls.  So who gets it?  I have a feeling the girls will end up with it.  Wish they had had 2 of those! 

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