Friday, May 21, 2010

Not Funny

Someone, not naming name or nothing, has a wicked sense of humor.  I, for one, am not laughing.  Amused perhaps but not laughing.  You might recall my letter to Santa and my New Years Resolutions in which:
I want to loose weight.  And please, I don't want this gift to come in the form of an illness in which I can't eat  or lapse into a coma. 
 Make money.  I want to make money, so I can spend it on a vacation.  Dh has a little more than 2 weeks of vacation time before September 1st.  And dang it we are gonna use it.  I just need to fund it.
Now, before I go on, Santa did bring me a sofa, so we are cool on that.  And I have kept all my other New Years resolutions besides that dang quilt.  But on these two items, perhaps I was not specific enough.  I said I didn't want to loose weight because of an illness or coma.  I should have added infection, teeth extraction and death in the family.  First, I have an infection so I am eating apple sauce and soup, then I have teeth extracted and am eating apple sauce and soup, then my nephew passed away and I can't eat at all!  And yes I lost 10 pounds and 2 dress sizes.  I'd rather have the weight than to have been through all that ... not saying I want it back. Just saying being fat would have been a preference to going though all that. 

And this travel thing,  I meant all of us traveling.  Dh got a nice check for back pay, so we made the money we were looking to make and we spent it on traveling.  On him traveling out of state to a funeral.  Thats not how I wanted this to work.  Yes, I am glad we had the money to pay for the trip and there is no worthier cause, but Lord I would rather have my nephew than a trip around the world. 

So Lord, new prayers: Keep us healthy, keep us safe, let us enjoy the world you gave us and be with us through each trial. Be merciful Lord. I appreciate there is no coincidences but circumstances could be less cruel. 

Now, If you don't mind I have to go see if I actually have sweats to take on vacation.  Now, thats a good problem!

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