Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just when you think you have things figured out

Someone comes along and throws a wrench in the works.  This someone is my 3 yr old.  I have successfully (obviously cause everyone figures it out eventually)  potty trained 6 children, and then there was #7.  Oh sure I tried all the tricks I had up my sleeve.  I did the rewards and the timer and getting the big kids to help out to no avail.  No, he was a stubborn little bugger.  He knew how to do it, that wasn't the problem.  In fact he could get himself dressed since he was 18 months old.  Hes been changing his own diaper for quite some time too.  No this was a me against him battle.  He knew I wanted him to do it so therefore he didn't want to do it.  I had to come up with a whole new plan, because everything I was doing was making it worse.  Nothing says love like pooping in underwear and then sitting on your furniture. 

So I decided I would talk to him.  I know it sounds so Hippie Dippie.  What I told him was that I knew he was a big boy and that he could act like a big boy and I wouldn't treat him like a baby any more.  He needed to wear underwear like daddy and go on the potty like daddy.  Hes had one accident in a week.  My little man is Mr. Independent, I've talked about him before.  He wants to do everything the big people do.  I realized I was treating him all wrong. I talked to him like a big person and he responded with his usual independent flair, he was gonna do it all himself. I have not had to remind him to go potty.  There has been no timer and no requests to  help him wipe.  Just one little word of suggestion, if your little one complains of a stomach ache you should tell them they should go sit on the potty.  Cause if not they will have an accident. 

Now I have to go buy more underwear, I don't have enough for 2 boys in the same size.  What a great problem to have!

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