Friday, May 28, 2010

Camping with Kids

Camping with kids is great.

Now that you have caught your breath from laughing so hard let me elaborate.  My kids got to watch an adult cicada emerge from its shell.  From first seeing it on the tree to watching the wings and then the abdomen emerge. Discovery Channel has nothing on the real deal out doors in the woods.

We went to a fish hatchery and watched them load the trucks with trout.  We asked the workers where the fish were headed and wouldn't you know it but they were stocking the creek we were camping at.

The dh told stories by the campfire in the pitch black night.  My children had never seen a night so dark and there was even a full moon. There was no glow from near by city, there was no lights anywhere except by the fire and if you had a flash light.  They could still see though, they could see the story in their heads like it was their own personal tv.

The kids traipsed around the camp site with guns and sticks and used their imagination like never before.  There was no tv or computer to interrupt them.  They got dirty and it was ok, there was no need to go clean up.  They never had to come in for dinner, they ate it right off the fire.  They were in their element.

Yes, Camping with kids is great.

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