Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some things I learn this week

If your dh says, "Don't worry.  Just rest.  I will take care of everything."  That means, "tomorrow when I am not here you will have twice as much to do".  Actually he will clean and cook and take care of the kids, but not to your standards.  To his standards.  Look at his desk, his car, his side of the closet.  Do you really want him leaving the house to his standards?  Me either. 

When your dentist says there will be some discomfort after your teeth are removed that means you will be wishing you were knocked out for an entire week.  He prescribed Vicodin, this isn't tylenol worthy pain.  The next time someone tries the line, "You get numbed for dental procedures why would you not for childbirth." I will laugh in their face and say, "Give me childbirth unmedicated ANY day over dental procedures medicated."

If you ask someone their experience with extractions and they say, "It was fine I had no problems."  what they are remembering are their own Vicodin filled days. Knowing my husband he was probably asleep for 5 days and dreamt he was fine. 

If you have just had your teeth out and your father tells you, "I am so glad I never got any wisdom teeth."  You can hit him.  Blame the drugs. 

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  1. I completely agree on the dental work and childbirth thing. I had an unmedicated childbirth and I would rather do that any day then get anything more than a filling done. Needles and drills anywhere near my mouth is just a huge no.