Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beware the Breakfast

Yesterday, while out shopping, I picked up some Spongebob Cream of Wheat.  It was on sale, I like cream of wheat and bonus - it had tattoos for the kids.    I didn't get home till late and had to take care of the baby when I did.  So I left the cream of wheat on the counter.  Rule #1 when you have kids, if you don't want them to have something don't leave it down where they can get it.

When I got up this morning I was greeted not by "Mommy!"  but rather by, "That oatmeal daddy bought for us is awful, tell him not to get it again."  It didn't take a genius to know what my daughter was talking about.  So I rolled my eyes and explained, "Daddy didn't buy it, I did.  It wasn't for you, it was for me.  That tattoos are for you.  And its not oatmeal, its cream of wheat." 

So my 12 year old says, "Yea well, its awful don't buy it again."  I figured she thought it was awful cause she was expecting oatmeal.  Like when you take a drink of something you expect to be one thing and its really something else.  It sort of has the taste of the thing you were expecting because your brain told it to but the flavor itself is still there as well.  I am sure it tastes just fine but the texture threw her for a loop. 

"Its awful because its cream of wheat, not oatmeal."  I hold up the box and show here where it says "CREAM OF WHEAT"  so she tells me.... "I thought it was another name for oatmeal."  Shes not even blonde.  Oat?  Wheat?  Really?  My 7 year old though, thought it was great and ate 2 bowls.  I hope they saved some for me. 

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