Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Mystery Illness

I don't know if other parents do this but when my kids get sick I immediately start wracking my brain trying to figure out what caused it.  Mostly cause I want to make sure we don't have something like Carbon Monoxide poisoning or food poisoning and partly because I want to have hope all 8 kids aren't gonna get it.  The prospect of having 8 kids throwing up at once is scary.  Nightmare worthy.

Usually its nothing more than a stomach bug which slowly works its way through all the kids.  There are the few times though that it only hits one kid and they end up with something weird that requires a drs visit.  Like Scarlet Fever or Salmonella - different kids at different times thankfully.

This one has me really stumped.  My 4 yr old and my 12 yr old are both sick as is the dog.  The dog?  I thought it might be something they ate but my 4 yr old doesn't eat anything my 12 yr old would.  And unless they are eating dog treats I can't imagine why the dog would have it. 

My dog has been sick before.  Ever given a dog pizza crusts?  Thats really gross to clean up.  Turkey is another big no no, I can thank my mother in law for that one.  But this time we didn't give her anything. 

Now its wait and see time, see if the other kids get it.  If so then its just a stomach bug and the dog somehow got it.  Or maybe its just a coincidence to drive me batty.  And of course, we just cleaned the carpets on Sunday. 

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