Friday, June 18, 2010

Things that are difficult to explain to children

When we were up north we told the kids we would stop to see the stars.  Explaining that with the light pollution in Phoenix you can't see the Milky Way really well but up north you could.  So after driving for some time my 11 year old asked "Are we near the Milky Way yet?" I told her we were IN the Milky Way.  I think the concept was a bit too over her head.

Coming back to Phoenix my 9 yr old quipped that it was strange that it was cooler up in the mountains than here in the valley.  Seeing as how you would be closer to the sun and heat rises.  I told him the air was thinner up there. Still  he wondered why we burnt easier up there than back here in 100 degree heat.  Oh well, hopefully when he is older we won't live here for him to have to worry about it.

I was watching some music videos with my 4 and 6 yr olds.  I tried explaining the visuals and how the artists were making art not just with their music, but were trying to tie it all together with the video.  We got to Matisyahu's One Day and my 4 yr old asked me why he was singing on paper.  I tried to explain to him that they were posters and they were putting them up around the city but he didn't seem to get it..."Why is he singing on posters then?"  Maybe I need to take them downtown more.  

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