Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sleep is an Elusive Enemy

You fight falling asleep when you should otherwise be awake and working.  Then when you actually are allowed to sleep everyone in the world keeps waking you up:  baby teething, 4 yr old has a nightmare, 3 yr old's arm falls asleep, dog wants to be let out, beds across the hall creek like its about to fall to the floor, neighbors coming and going at all hours, someones dog barking, planes flying overhead. 

Finally you get some sleep, in the 30 minutes that aren't interrupted by something, only to wake up with a stiff neck or sore hips or cranky because you didn't get enough sleep.  As awful as sleep is with its tumultuous waves we are constantly seeking it.  A nap, a weekend away just so we can sleep, drugs to help us fall asleep, drugs to help us stay asleep.  Then when we wake up we need caffeine to keep us up. 

I hate sleep.  Its not my friend.  No no no.  Its my enemy.  It lures me into bed each night just to torture me.  I try to catch a few z's and sleep eludes me at every turn.  If I could, I would fore go the bed every night and just stay up watching netflix or reading.  But my body does this thing when I don't get enough sleep.  Its called falling apart. I have no idea how babies do it.  They grow and progress and its not like they get much more sleep than I do since they are the main reason I am up.  Must be those afternoon naps. 

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