Monday, June 21, 2010

Monetary Monday - More Homeschool Freebies

My 7th grader is reading some classic literature for the coming year.  Books like The Invisible Man and Treasure Island.  I wanted to find her some worksheets to help her remember what she read and I was able to find some online for free.  Always look online for free stuff before you purchase something.  I can not get over the amount of information available at your finger tips.  Need to know how to fix a washing machine?  Google it.  Need free worksheets?  Google it.  Need recipes for killer food?  Google it.  There has never been information so readily available before, we really should use it as much as we can.

If you are interested in some worksheets, tests or quizzes for your own child check out They have quizzes for Treasure Island The Hobbit, and more.  Just check out the links on side right hand side of the Treasure Island quiz.

Another awesome literature study guide is SparkNotes. Here you can find quizes, synopsis and overviews of hundreds of books organized alphabetically.  You can submit the quiz and it grades it for you.  Nothing to print out, nothing to grade.  And I got 23/25 on the Fellowship of the Ring Quiz. 

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