Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ok, that would be bad

I was enthusiastically reading about little Josie Duggar back home in Tonitown, AR, when I noticed this piece of information:
Originally Josie was going to be taken to the Duggars' Tonitown, Ark., home in April, but according to People, 12 of the infant's siblings got chicken pox, delaying her homecoming by several weeks.
And here I am worried about having all 8 of mine with it at once.  I don't know whats worse, dealing with a huge group of kids having an illness at once or dealing with it twice or more times but with smaller groups of kids.  I was upset that 5 of my kids had the stomach bug over the course of 2 weeks.  This is like when the Cheaper By the Dozen family, the Gilbreths, went on vacation to California and had 7 kids down with whooping cough while stuck on a train for 4 days.  I just don't know which sounds like more fun!

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