Wednesday, November 10, 2010

18 weeks

My kids say I look pregnant now.  I guess I just looked fat before.  I have a nice healthy (huge) anterior placenta so I can't really feel movement.  So for me I really do feel like I have just gotten fat. 

Yesterday we had our ultrasound.  We couldn't see a gender but it was nice just to know our baby is probably healthy. 

I am glad we did that yesterday and got to have all the warm fuzzy feelings, because today we found out come the New Year we lose our current insurance.  All that work to get them to cover the Birth Center only to have to switch to an insurance that doesn't cover any birth centers or homebirth.  To say I am mad would be an understatement.  My body is all flush and warm, all my thoughts sounds like the scene from Christmas Story where Ralphie beats up the bully.  I haven't checked, but I bet my blood pressure would make doctors faint. 

So it was a good thing I saw that sweet baby yesterday, or I might have already exploded today. 

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