Friday, November 12, 2010

An invitation to small families

For what ever reason most of the time big families hang out with big families.  Usually not on our part, although we do enjoy the company of those that think like we do.  Just because the smaller families don't want all those people in their house and they are overwhelmed going to ours.  But we love families of every size.  If you have 1 or 4 you are still more than welcome to come by and play with the kids, have dinner with us, go to the park with us.  My kids don't care if you are an only or if you are one of 20.  I don't mind having to cook for 3 or 6 or 12 more.  We are already cooking for 10, and usually we have left overs.  Or we can just double the recipe.

I know we might seem scary.  You might be overwhelmed with the sheet number of people, but I can tell you from experience you do get used to them all.  Its no different than a teacher getting used to teaching a class of 30 or going to church and getting used to 200 people.  We are not weirdos, contrary to popular belief.  Not any more weird than you are!   

We do in fact like kids, even those that aren't ours.  We don't condemn you because you don't have the amount of kids we do.  Just as I am sure you don't because we do have a lot of kids.  I am sure we have more in common than we don't. 

So don't be afraid, make the friends.  Go talk to that big family.  Invite the kids over to play, go to their house and enjoy all the company.  You don't think your children would just love to play with all those kids?  The amount of kids we have following us through stores, at parks and events tell me that they would.  And I know my kids would love to have someone new to play with. 

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