Monday, November 8, 2010

A first for me

I experienced something last month that was a first for me.  Something I never got to experience before.  I weaned my son.  Not that I hadn't weaned a baby before, but its the first time I had weaned 2 in the same year.  Back at the beginning of the year I wearned his older brother.  Even though he was by far the most difficult nursing child I had had, it still was hard to let go.  Weaning is weird like that.  Even though you know he is ready, even though you are ready it still hurts.  Its an end to a relationship that only you two shared, something you will never have again with that person.  Its sad no matter how prepared you are. 

As is typical for me, my toddler weaned after I got pregnant.  He was 17 months old, very typical in our family.  It was his choice.  I remember the last time I nursed him.  He nursed only for a minute.  Looked at my breasts, looked at me, knew it was different and just got down and walked away.  He was done.  He didn't need it anymore.  

I look forward to nursing the next one with renewed vigor.  I went from having 2 babies want me, need me to none.  It will be a lonely 6 months till the baby gets here. 

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