Tuesday, November 16, 2010

They are still learning

I sent my 11 yr old daughter to pick up some shampoo when we were shopping.  She came back with a bottle of Placenta shampoo.  "How about this one?"  I am not sure why she picked it, I don't think she even had the faintest idea why she would even want placenta shampoo.  I told her no, not that one.  She asked why, "Look at the label."  I told her.  She took a quick glance, "Oh it says conditioner."  I am pretty sure she was picking that one based on color alone.

A circuit on one side of the house got tripped, turning off all the clocks of course.  Once we fixed it no one thought to fix the clocks.  The next day I finally went to find my boys because they still had not gotten up.  Apparently their clock said it was 4 am so they didn't come out yet.  Never mind the sun was shinning in their window.  A little trick to consider if you have kids like mine who normally are up before you are - or the sun. 

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