Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You might have a big family if...

You're a little worried when dh comes home with turkeys that only weighs 21 pounds.

You have to double every recipe and that includes the one for the turkey.

When you are riding in the van with 3 kids they comment on how much faster the van goes without everyone in it.

You have more people than the waiting room at the doctors has seats. 

Everyone always comes to your house for holiday meals because its so much easier for you to make for 10 extra people than it is for them to make for 10 extra people. 

You have an entire box of saved shoes and you still can't find pairs to fit 2 of your kids.

Your neighbors aren't sure how many kids you have and assume that any kids hanging around must just belong to you. 

You have dealt with so many episodes of stomach bugs that when your toddler had diarrhea you actually ask your husband, "What did it smell like?"  Then not only does he describe it for you, he offers up what the next one smelled like without you having to ask. 

And one last one ala Jeff Foxworthy - You might be a red neck if (and I'm not saying for sure that I am) if you are hiding your kids Christmas presents in the broken dryer in the garage. 

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