Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things you have to clean as a parent

As a single person there are things you never dream about cleaning.  Unless you are really weird.  As a parent its just par for the course.  You mentally keep them filed, ready to pull out the next time something happens so you can think to yourself, "Well at least its not as bad as when...."

This week I have had the pleasure of scrubbing face paint off 2 chairs, walls and my bathroom shower.  That is hardy stuff.  My sons hair stood up better than if I had used the strongest gel and hairspray.  If you don't mind a red tint and need a mohawk; try some red face paint. 

Then there was the vacuuming of the bathroom because my 3 yr old ate a poppy seed muffin in there.  Its not a play on words.  He really did eat a poppy seed muffin in the bathroom.  There was crumbs everywhere.  I knew no broom and mop was gonna get all those teeny tiny crumbs up.  But honestly I pull out the vacuum for just about everything. 

Thats just this week, and its only Tuesday. Then there are the epic cleaning episodes.  Like Vaseline in the recorder or packaging popcorn all over the down stairs.  Those things stick to everything.  Especially when they have been ripped into pieces.  Peanut butter all over the kitchen and sardine vomit all over bedsheets - These are things as a parent I wish I could forget but when something happens that I have to clean, its nothing compared to those.  Usually.  I am sure someday it will be surpassed. 

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