Saturday, October 30, 2010

Becareful What you Wish For

I am sure every kid has wished they could eat their desert for dinner.  That they didn't have to eat what was being served for dinner.  I know my eldest son wished those things.  I often heard him whine about how hated what I had made for dinner.  This week though I think he has changed his mind about how awful my meals are.  

My oldest son had to have some dental work done and now can't eat solid food afterward.  The poor kid is starving.  The dentist told him he could eat ice cream and popsicles, yogurt and mashed potatoes.  So thats what hes been doing.  You have never seen a kid get so sick of sweets so fast.  He told me yesterday, "Even the beans you had for dinner looked good."  Its made him appreciate that even though its not what he wants its still good and its good to eat.  And of course this happened right at Halloween so he can't eat any candy.  Not that he would want to after eating all that ice cream. 

I don't know how my kids are so strong. The dh and I are both so wimpy when it comes to dental pain.  I had 1 cavity filled and couldn't eat for days.  I came home and slept for 4 hours.  My son?  He was playing like normal and wanting to eat dinner and non stop talking all night with his brother.  Do they not have nerve endings in their mouths?  

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