Monday, October 25, 2010

Hiking is Exciting

We love to hike but aren't able to during the summer heat.  So we finally went this weekend.  We had to start out easy because we are all out of shape.  Which became obvious with our last hike at the  Natural Bridge.  I guess one thing we forgot to mention, besides "Don't Step in the Horse Poo!" was "Don't touch the Cactus!"  Thankfully that happened at the end of our trip cause I wouldn't have liked to hear our son scream for 30 minutes while we made our way back to the van.  Our 3 yr old somehow got a cactus in his shoe.  The dh told him to wait and he would get it out.  Being 3 of course he just reached down and grabbed it.  It promptly stuck itself into his fingers.  So using his other hand he ripped it out of the first hand.  By this time he is screaming and dh is running over to him telling him to stop touching it.  I guess pain makes you listen cause my 3 yr old just stood there with a cactus hanging off his hand.  He did have some bruising and bloody spots but hes fine.  At least it wasn't a rattle snake. 

Later that night, after hiking and cleaning the garage, several of the kids fell asleep where they sat down.  Dinner was quiet.  My oldest said, "I feel so small."  There were 5 kids and 2 adults sitting at the table, but that was just small for what we normally have. 

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