Monday, October 11, 2010

Its Time to Play

Its time once again to play: Words that don't go in the same sentence.   I am gonna go with the excuse that we are all insane and think our house is wire tapped  - we are just trying to confuse the spies.

Me to the children: "Why does the baby have cream of wheat on his toes?"

4 yr old: "What do mutants taste like?"  In response to asking what the funny looking item in the chex mix was...I told him it was a mutant.

Me to the 3 yr old: "Please don't play with your cheese balls." 

12 yr old: "I just caught the baby eating deodorant."  Good thing its Tom's.

Babysitter Uncle to me: "Ewan peed on the patio."  Sure, doesn't everyone do that.

"Wheres my head?  I can't find my head!"  From 3 yr old while playing with blocks.

"Liam, there is cheese on your shoulder."  Watches as Liam reaches around his back trying to get cheese. I don't know what was funnier, that he didn't know where his shoulder was or that he had cheese on it.

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