Monday, October 18, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I am not a happy pregnant person.  I am huge, well for 15 weeks anyway.  Its making me mad.  I can't wear my regular clothes and most of my maternity clothes is too big.  It wasn't until this weekend that I realized part of the problem is that I gave away some of my maternity clothes to someone who needed them.  At least I know why I have so little that actually fits.  I will need to go shopping (oh boo hoo lol).  I don't know whats happened but I have not gained any weight but I look 6 months pregnant.

This is me at 14 weeks this time.    In this picture I am wearing some regular clothes cause I refused to admit I needed maternity clothes. 

And here I am with #8 at 22 weeks.  What the heck?! Not fair!  I weigh the same as I did with #8 so thats not the problem.  I guess #8 destroyed my stomach muscles. 

Other wise I am doing much better.  I can eat again.  I can think again.  I actually cleaned the house last week. 

As a side note, what happened with the date on this picture?  Thats really wrong. 

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