Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can you park in your garage?

Thats my criteria for having too much stuff.  If I can't park in my garage I have a problem. 

I am going through my closet.  It always starts out so simple. I needed to exchange my regular underwear for maternity ones.  Nothing like ripping 3 pair in a week to make you realize you might have out grown them.  Next thing I know the entire contents of my closet are on and around my bed in my room.

I discovered an entire pile of stained, really stained, baby clothes.  Why I kept them I have no idea.  Its Arizona, for 5 mos out of the year the baby can go naked.  Like I need a whole pile of stained clothes for him? 

Also I found 4 boxes of diapers in my closet.  Thats not including the one in my sons closet, or the ones in use, or the ones I already went through and bagged up for donation.  Thats a whole lot of diapers.  I must have hundreds.  Probably 50 in every size.  Easily. I think I have a problem.  A diaper addiction.  Someone needs to intervene.  I could survive a week or two with no water or electricity though.  Or the baby's behind could anyway. 

Which brings me to my point.  I have too much stuff.  I can park in my garage but clearly other parts of the house need help.  With 10 people we are gonna have stuff in storage.  No way around it.  I have clothes in nearly every size for boys.  I have maternity and nursing clothes for winter and summer.  I have school books for last year and next year and this year, which is a lot of books.  We have holiday storage and presents stored away.  We have memorabilia, important papers, wrapping paper and boxes for shipping.  Not to mention my fabric, not saying how much of that I have.  Some of that I simply can not get rid of, it would not be wise.  But 4 boxes of diapers?  Something tells me even I don't need that many.  And stained clothes, I think I can live without. 

As I purge I urge you all to do the same.  You will feel clean and free.  I know I will when I can walk into my closet again. 

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