Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The dh had a drs appt today.  We had to find a new dr since ours left his practice.  I had seen the dr back in April when I had my wisdom teeth infected.  He was pretty excited that I was gonna be bringing 10 people into the practice! 

So when the dh went in today the dr comes in and says, "I think I met your wife.  You have 8 kids?"

Dh said, "Yup."

Dr said, "Yea. Thought so."

You don't forget people who have 8 kids I guess.  Sadly dh is about as messed up as his car.  He needs his hoses fixed too I guess.  Maybe the connection between man and car is greater than we think!  Let them work on their car - they might stay healthier lol. 

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