Friday, October 1, 2010

Why do things always happen in 3's?

You know the saying bad things always happen in 3's.  People in Hollywood always die in 3's.  What is so bad about the number 3 that make life so miserable?  Can't it be enough that bad things happen at all, let alone multiple times over? Should I be grateful they don't come in 5's or 8's? 

On Wednesday we found out that our insurance will not cover the birth center I wanted to deliver at.  Nor will it cover my midwife.  Despite the fact our insurance does cover birth centers.  Maybe ours is too new, it just opened in August.  We will try again in January when the year starts again, but I am not holding out hope.  So now I have to find a new OB, thats always fun. 

This morning as dh was driving to work his brakes failed.  He was able to see the problem, the hose is ruined. But he then had to work in the 100+ degree heat to fix it (it is October right?  Where is fall?) with some duct tape.  This is the 2nd hose to go, so we are thinking we need to replace them all, you know before someone gets killed because the car dies during rush hour. 

Then #3 hit.  Nothing like walking out of your bedroom and into water.  Our washing machine broke, water overflowed everywhere.  Out in the hall, into the bath next door, down stairs through the ceiling and all over the floor of the bathroom.  While we have gotten it mostly cleaned up I hope no one minds if we don't shower tomorrow, we used all our towels.  The good news?  It was my last load of the day.  Sadly it was towels I was washing.  Oh well.  I see a laundromat visit in our future.  Oh more good news, that means I can go to a thrift store next door while I am doing laundry!  Always gotta look on the bright side. 

But this is the end.  No more bad things.  We did our 3.  Time for the trouble makin to move on. 

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