Thursday, November 11, 2010

The joys of boys

After having 6 boys people assume I want a girl.  A girl would be nice, pink frilly dresses and someones hair to do.  But Boys are great too.  Granted they can be dirty and gross but that can be so fun.  Having the girls I do I know I might not get that girl who wants the pink frilly dresses.  I might get another rocket scientist who prefers pants.  I am not looking to unleash my feminine side vicariously through a baby girl.  So just a reminder to everyone how great boys can be. 

Don't worry, I pulled the chicken out after I took the picture.

Hes the one the dh said we didn't have a picture of not covered in something. At least hes consistent.

The other day my son said he was gonna draw me a picture.  I asked him if it would be a pretty picture.  He said, "Yup, a balloon zombie head."  Sounds um, pretty.  Sure. 

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