Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpets are in need of a cleaning. They have stains. Mostly water spots. How does water make stains? Well apparently it mixes with the dirt thats already there. So I guess it would be mud spots. There are some other spots: someone spilled OJ in the loft, a pb graham cracker got stuck to the floor in the dining room and someone tracked mud into the living room. By and far though most spots are the water/dirt mix (those stupid sippy cups).

We own our own carpet cleaner (I challenge any family with 8 kids to go through a bout of vomiting and not have to buy a carpet cleaner) so we can do this anytime we need to. The cleaner leaves the floor wet so walking through there would just make more water/dirt mud spots. Funny how water is what cleans the water spots. Maybe its not really clean. Maybe we're just smearing the mud all over. Anyhow, before we can clean it we have to clean it. That is pick up all the toys and vacuum. So Needless to say we are doing one room at a time. By the time we get done with that last room we'll have to start over.

I am thinking the next house will have wood or tile floors throughout. Maybe just concrete. Yes, concrete. That would solve all our problems lol.

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