Saturday, June 13, 2009

Myth #2 - We try to have as many kids as possible

I find it ironic that this is even a myth as quiverful is actually the total opposite of "trying". It is true that some quiverful families have many children. That can happen when you don't use birth control. But it is not true that we *try* to have as many children as possible. If a quiverful couple had only 2 children would you suspect them of being "one of those quiverful people"? Not likely. Why? Because it doesn't fly in the face of convention. They are "normal".

I have heard tales of women that wean if she is breastfeeding to facilitate the return of her fertility so she can get pregnant. (as if this really works, I'm lucky if I get 9 mos without a period)

I have heard some rather colorful remarks about how hard certain families "try" to get pregnant. That some quiverful families are so large because they have frequent sex. This screams of adolescent hopes that that *one* time won't get him in trouble. We've all watched CSI now, lets not be stupid about this.

Some people also apparently think that, like Octomom, we are undergoing fertility treatments, taking fertility enhancing medication or herbs and otherwise purposely trying to have multiples. Right. Octomom made the news for a reason.

And some take it so far as to suggest we marry young and encourage our daughters to do the same so that we have more years of childbearing. Yes, this is why you see such large numbers of quiverful families. Does anyone else see the flaw in that argument lol.

While I am sure there are some people out there that actually did do one or more of those things I can assure you that the vast majority of quiverful couples do not practice those things or believe in the least that they need to have a large family. The whole point of being quiverful is giving our fertility up to the Lord. To allow Him to decide how big or small our family is going to be. To try to have children is the same as trying not to; its trying to control the situation.

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