Saturday, June 6, 2009

Myth #1 - We are like the Duggars

When someone sees us or finds out we have 8 children the first question we get is "Are you Catholic or Mormon." When we say neither we are immediately labeled Duggaresque. I am anything but. We are the anti Duggars. Not that we don't love the Duggars. I have their book, watched everyone of their episodes, seen every special and have their website bookmarked. I seriously stalked their sons website waiting for an announcement of pregnancy. I don't know them but I think they have a good heart and are probably wonderful people. But like them I am not.

I would think the first distinction would be obvious. I certainly don't dress like they do. Oh I do wear long skirts - right along with my birks and tank tops. Let not my hippie 3 tiered twirl skirts be confused for modest apparel. Although I do consider myself modest. Not like I am going around let everything hang out (and as a woman of my size I think everyone is glad for that). But my kids run around in plaid shorts and striped shirts. I think my boys are walking advertisements for Spongebob and Thomas the Tank Engine.

You won't be finding boys with spiked, long locks or feathering hair in the Duggar house. I highly doubt any of the Duggar boys have been assumed for girls because of their long hair. Although I have been really good about making sure their hair is brushed before we leave the house.

We also have 3 tvs. Let those who would be compelled to ask if we have one rest assured we do. And we have satellite. Which should be obvious if I have seen every episode of the Duggar's show. No, we don't watch the same amount of television the average viewer does (how can we with 8 kids - I barely have time to sleep let alone watch tv). But I doubt you will catch Jim Bob watching MANswers or Michelle dvr-ing Mentalist.

We yell. A lot. There is a reason why the Duggars have an intercom. You try rounding up 7 kids for dinner from upstairs, outside and in the bathroom without yelling.

No, we are not like the Duggars. Nor are we like the Jeubs, the Arndts, the Heppners, the Bates or the Winters. If you have seen them on TV most likely we aren't like them.

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