Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Funny Moments

When you have a lot of kids you have that much more opportunity for fun. Yes, children are a lot of work but they are just as much fun. If not more. If you have never read Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey you should definitely pick it up. Its funnier than the movie with Steve Martin. Just don't let your kids read it, will give them bad ideas lol.

Kids say and do the funniest things. If you ever wondered where stand up came from it came from parents regaling each other with tales of what their children did lately. Its the best entertainment. I would encourage all parents, no matter how many children you have, to write down and record the funny things your children do. You will forget them all too fast and when they are grown you will fondly look back on them. It will also help to see the good times and forget the bad. When they are kicking and screaming because they want something they can't have its easy to forget the time they brought you a weed because they thought it was a pretty flower. When you take the time to enjoy your children you can see things from their perspective. Through their innocence and naivety instead of through our jaded and cynical world view.

Some gems from my kids recently:

Ds3 says to ds4 while they were playing Mario and Luigi: "You can't be Mario. He doesn't wear glasses - or underwear." I guess it didn't occur to ds3 that Mario probably does wear underwear under his clothes where they belong.

Ds4 tells me: "Elephants are very big and have very large Snots." He meant to say snouts, although as big as their noses are I bet they do have large snots lol.

Dh: "Knock Knock."

Ds4: "Whose there?"

Dh: "P"

Ds4: "Thats the nasty stuff thats comes out and goes in the potty." (the punch lines was supposed to be "P U". I guess hes just too literal)

Ds2 upon seeing ds6 cord had fallen off: "Oh his plug came out."

Ds4 talking to the dog after putting all the shoes away: "Lady, wanna see what I did?" In a house of 10 people and he wanted to show the dog?

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