Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Millions of men all over the country woke up to hand made cards, sloppy kisses, giant bear hugs and cold cereal for breakfast. Dads don't care that the cards have letters written backwards - just the fact their children tried is enough to make him smile. Dads don't care that they need to shower after after a simple kiss from their 2 year old, they are just thrilled that their 2 yr old thinks they are special enough for a kiss. And while they would rather go to Dennys for a hot breakfast the cold cereal they get at home comes with way better service.

My husband not only got all that but 8 times over. The kids each drew him a picture. The girls made him a picture frame out of popsicle sticks and put a picture of the baby in it. He got to have half a bagel for breakfast with pb and butter - in that order. It wasn't a gold watch or new golf clubs but he appreciated it so much more. Just the thought the kids put in to it shows dh how much they love him and its that love that makes dh melt. When you are a father to many you get to love that much more and be loved by that many more.

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