Monday, June 8, 2009


There isn't a large family that has gone out with their children and not gotten comments. Typically its a canned response. People feel the need to say something, anything when they see such a large number of children and one couple. Usually along the lines of "Wow, you have your hands full." Or "Are they all yours?" or "Did you bring the whole neighborhood?" Every once in a while we will get an off the wall comment. Like "Gee you must be rich." or like yesterday, "If I had 8 kids I would shoot myself." I hope he didn't mean that death was preferable to having a large family. I am sure (thinking only good thoughts here) that he was being funny and commenting on the trials a large family must face. Yes, thats it, think only good thoughts.

I have gotten to the point where I have to guard myself when someone approaches us. I never know what their intentions are and what might come out of their mouth. Seems as though some parents didn't teach their children manners. Actually if it was children making the comments I could easily forgive them. At least its their innocence that drives their comments. And its children we teach that if you can't say something nice, to say nothing at all. So quickly that lesson is forgotten as we are no longer scolded or reprimanded when we embarrass our parent. I wonder how those adults would feel about the same comments coming from their own children.

For those big families looking for comebacks for these types of comments I recommend this site. And if you are looking to buy a shirt (like we have all threatened to do) with the answers to the most common questions we get I recommend this site.

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