Monday, June 22, 2009

If you give a mom a vacuum

Ds2 spilled some dirt in their room from a plant. He didn't do the greatest job cleaning up, so I told him I would take care of it. I had to pick up the stuff on the floor first. Dirty clothes, toys, garbage. I followed the trail into the closet and noticed the closet was a mess. Winter clothes were on the floor, jackets knocked down, boxes out of order. I was gonna put the dirties in their basket and noticed it was full. So I started a load of clothes, took out all the boxes in the closet so I could rearrange them and found a box that had some summer clothes my oldest could wear. So I called him in to try them on. He got several pairs of shorts and a few shirts he could wear and he put some away that were too small. All the boxes organized, jackets now hung up, toys all put away, and garbage where it belongs I was finally able to vacuum. Well I couldn't just stop at their door. Whats a few more feet? So I vacuumed the hall. Well our bedroom is right across the hall so I vacuumed our room. Just as I was done the washer quit so I could hang it up to dry. All because ds spilled some dirt that I needed to vacuum.

Hey at least their room is clean now.

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