Friday, April 9, 2010

Life - in a Day of a Mom

I've had what a veteren mom would call "One of those days".  Its not 'A Day in the Life of a Mom'.  It is the Life of a Mom - in one day.  Its all those things about being a mom, jam packed into (so far) 10 hours.   Blogging it is more theraputic and probably more healthy than drinking it away (although I do have a glass of wine waiting for me).

7:30 - I wake up to my 10 yr old and my 4 yr old fighting about wether or not we should teach the bird to say "poopy butt".  I had a feeling this would set the tone for the rest of the day.  When you have done this for a few years you get a good feel on how days are going to go as soon as your eyes open to the new day.  My instincts did not fail me. 

10 am - I have now gotten everyone dressed, fed, started school and done 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I have sat down to write an article (about stuffed pigs of all things, not the food- the toy), my mother has called to ask about shopping and I haven't gotten to shower yet.  Actually, if you must know, I am still in yesterdays clothes.  The neighbor knocks on my door to ask to use my phone.  I let her, and her daughter runs in the house to play with the kids.  She then has to retrive her kid and I am quickly glancing around hoping it isn't too much of a mess.  On the way out she says, "I figured none of the other neighbors would be home but then I remembered you are always home."  Nice.  It wasn't till an hour later that I realized I have not brushed my hair, I stank to high heaven from being on the treadmill and not having showered and I was wearing my housewife get up.  And here I was worried about the house. 

12:30 - The baby finds a crumb from my Fiery Habenaro Doritos on the floor and eats it.  At first I thought he was just mad at me.  Then he started drooling and pawing at his tongue.  Well maybe this will teach him not to eat stuff off the floor?  I doubt it.  He stopped crying after I nursed him.  He went down for his first nap and I finally got to shower.  As soon as the water hits my body my 7 yr old is outside my door, "Momma!"  I realized where I went wrong.  I announced I was going to go shower now.  I should have said something like, "I am going to go find you more school work."  I would have had HOURS to myself.

2:00 - The dh calls to chat and not 2 minutes into the conversation the baby knocks over my glass of water all over my desk.  I try not to get too upset, I figure this is God's way of saying my desk needed to be cleaned.  I soak it up and have a nice sparkling desk in a few minutes.  Not five minutes later my 4 yr old asks me if he can have a banana peal to play with.  I told him no, he can not put a banana peal on the floor.  He said, "Just in the garage."  Yes, because slipping out there wouldn't hurt at all.  I looked at the timer on my phone.  12 minutes.  The dh and I have talked for 12 minutes and I have already argued with my 4 yr old about banana peals and cleaned up a spilled cup of water from my desk.  If ever there was a reason for date night, this would be it.

3:30 - I have nursed the baby for 20 minutes during his second nap, in our bedroom.  I come down stairs to find my 6 yr old, my 4 yr old and my 3 yr old all with wet towels smacking each other with them.  Someone has spilled Apple Juice on the floor of the kitchen and there are toys strewn everywhere.  I sent the kids upstairs to change, but no one did.  I guess they liked to be soaking wet.

5:00 - I greet the dh at the door then proceed to change a diaper.  Minutes later the Dh and I walk into the kitchen at the same time, I find a top and spoon to the nutella and he finds the light switch covered in it.  The door to the pantry is locked and my 3 yr old is no where to be seen.  I get my camera ready for this. 

I guess the spoon was just not fast enough for him. I will add this to my growing pile of "Things my son was covered in" photos.

6:00 - As I am writing this my I hear "Oh Ewan!" from the kitchen.  Where apparently he dumped out a can of diced tomatoes we were going to use for dinner. Instead we got to clean it up from the counter, stool and floor. I think we will throw it out instead.

If you have ever read an account of a mother's day and thought it must be fictious, rest assured, Its not. I am beginning to think I should get this stuff on video.  No one is ever gonna believe me.  Although, bright spot, I have never laughed so much before!

So, what was your day like?

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