Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Blog Fodder

My 4 yr old was on a roll today, acting as comic relief.  He told the dh that "Heads are just big bumps, with faces smooshed on them."  Then while waiting for dinner was playing Tic Tac Toe and commented, "I played myself.  I lost the first game but won the second one."  My oldest said he has a great sense of humor.  That he does.

We went to a local book store to sign the kids up for their book club. I was waiting with the kids while the dh went to hand in the paperwork.  My 3 yr old brought me a magazine with a roasted chicken on the front saying, "I want chicken.  I want this chicken."  I told him he would have to wait till we left.   The dh then returned with  a bag containing a pencil case for each kid.  My 3 yr old asked the dh as he was given his bag, "Is there chicken in there?" He might have been a little hungry.

My oldest was assigned the task of making signs for our garage sale.  Not wanting to be left out my 4 yr old made some signs as well.  He said, "Know what I am gonna sell?"  I asked him what and he told me to look at his sign, which said, Momma.  I asked him, "You're gonna sell me?"  He said he was, then he asked me how to sell Joe.  How to do what now?  "Wait, you wanna know how to SPELL Joe?"  Yea, spell, not sell.  Silly momma.  He spelled Momma, he didn't sell me.  Momma made way too many logical leaps there.

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