Monday, April 5, 2010

Monetary Monday - Birds and Dryers Oh My

There is a tube, it comes out the side of the house.  It has a flap.  You would think it has a flap so that stuff can come out but nothing can go in.  Logic would conclude that anyway, since why would you need a flap if nothing was coming out?  Why have a tube at all right?  Well, apparently there is a tube, that comes out the side of the house and it does nothing.  We thought it was for the dryer.  The one at our old house looked just like it and it was for the dryer.  Nope, not this one.  The dh got up there to get the bird out only to realize it does not in fact go to the dryer. Still we had to get the bird out.  Apparently the bird had propped that flap open, thats how it got in there. 

This was after he removed the cover.  And yes, my dryer is on the second floor.  Apparently the hose goes out the roof.  No kidding.  And yes, that means that the dryer is in fact broken and not clogged with a bird. 
The Dh used a wire to pull out the nest since the hole was too small for our hands.  This is the remains.  Inside my 4 yr old was screaming that there were bird feathers floating down in the bathroom.  The bathroom on the main floor.  Where in the world does this tube go? 
This is what is left over.  The Dh got a new cover for it so hopefully there will be no more birds in there.  We still have no idea where it goes or what it does.  My guess, is that it goes to the bathroom fan.  Just cause bird feathers were coming down in there.  But there is turns in the tube so unless we put a camera in there we won't know where it goes. 

So, now I have to buy a new (to me) dryer.  I think I can get one for $50.  I still don't have a high chair either.  Who wants to go shopping for me?  I have the cash, but lack the desire.  Who needs clothes anyway? 

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