Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pealin' The Tater

 As so often happens in large families, you do your own hair cuts.  Not that the children do their own, although that happens too, but we cut each others hair.  More specifically, the Dh cuts our hair.  He started out just by cutting mine, I wanted to donate it to Locks of Love and didn't want to go to a salon for it.  I had a bad experience the last time I went to a salon - 5 years ago now, if that tells you anything about the experience.  Turned out the dh did a bang up job on my hair and I got many compliments.  Then my daughter wanted her hair done.  Pretty soon the dh figured he could do everyones hair, he had seen the boys get their hair cut enough times to know how to do it.  So he bought himself a kit and has been doing their hair ever since.

Aside from the obvious financial benefits reaped from cutting your own hair, you also learn a skill.  Its obviously a worthy skill to have seeing as how much people pay to have their hair done. My dad also cut all of my brothers' hair, as well as his own - no one mention the gash in the back.  He even did mine once.  Best 2 hair cuts I have ever had - my husband and my father did it.   Seriously. 

With his tater pealed.  The dh's boss said that to him once and I think its hilarious. These kids really gotta stop growing, he looks like a little man.

Before and After.  She had 12 inches cut off.  Its going to Locks of Love. 

Don't you love my mini blinds in the back ground?  I have never seen such cheap mini blinds in my life. However to make the story more interesting rather than; "They broke when I opened them", I will say..."Yea the kids got scared when dh pulled out the clippers and tried to escape."

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