Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day?

You would think this was an April Fools Joke.  Cause it certainly doesn't happen any other day of the year. 

Last night the dh was throwing stuff in our trash can on the side of the house, when he realized there was no air coming out of the dryer vent.  And yes, the dryer was going at the time.  That would explain why the dryer hasn't been working.  It runs but the clothes don't dry, which is kinda the whole point of a dryer.  So the dh gets the ladder out and a flash light and looks inside the vent.  And what does he see?  2 eyes peering back at him. 

Whatever could it be?  A giant spider ala Shelob?  A kitty cat lost her way?  Rodents? Nope, wrong on all counts.

We have birds living in our dryer vent.  For real.  Birds like us, a little too much. I knew we have some living in the overhang on our bedroom, I can hear them in there.  I never once thought we could have birds living in our dryer vent. They probably crawled up there one day when the dryer was going and thought, 'This is warm and cozy, I think I will have my babies here.'  Cause you know they weren't thinking 'I might get cooked in here.'  I continue to believe the term "Bird Brain" originated from someones observations, much like these I think. 

Now we have to figure out how to get these birds out of there.  I can not wait to have a dryer that actually dries again!  Any ideas?  Aside from calling the rental agency to get them to send someone?  Cause it only took 6 mos to get them to fix the tile on the roof.  I'm thinking we snake the vent.  Not with a real snake, good lord.  With one for the toilet.  Cause you know, on this fine April Fools Day, that would make perfect sense.  Its only 9:30, how much weirder is this day gonna get?  And yes, I will be sure to get pics. 

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