Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Conversations I had today

My 4 yr old had a sip of soda.  One teeny tiny sip to match his teeny tiny body.  I think he just slurped up the few drops there was on the lip of the can.  A few minutes later he came back to me and said, "Soda makes you fart."  I told him, no it makes us burp.  He wasn't convinced.  "Well it makes me fart, right?" 

After playing outside my 3 yr old came in, wearing his sisters shoes and licking a shovel.  "Dude, we don't lick shovels."  So he throws the shovel back outside and tells me hes mad at me.  How dare I stop him from making himself sick.

My 7 yr old came to see me while I was folding some clothes, "Mommy..."  and then got distracted by Spongebob on behind me.  I asked him what he wanted but his eyes were fixed on the tv.  "Um...I can't remember."  I offered some suggestions, "Is it about the baby?" Nope. "You have the hiccups?"  He did, but thats not what he was gonna tell me.  "It was an emergency."  Hes starting to remember, but hes not taken his eyes off the tv once.  I offer more suggestions, "The baby has poop coming out? Your sister broke the computer? Somethings on fire?"  No dice.  At least the house wasn't on fire.  Finally he remembered, "Oh yea...its not an emergency.  Did daddy install zoo tycoon?"  I love how his brain thought it very important and yet not important enough to remember both at the same time.  And btw, the baby did poop, but the house wasn't on fire, thank goodness.  And no, daddy did not install zoo tycoon, cause someone lost the cd.  Hmmm, I wonder who that was. 

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