Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maybe I expect too much

When I had my first I was given a high chair, and I had that high chair till about 5 years ago.  The cover was vinyl and fell apart on me.  I bought a new high chair instead of a new cover.  I can't remember exactly now why I decided on the new seat instead of a new cover but I am sure there were other things wrong with the high chair.  Now that second high chair has been recalled, twice.  We fixed the first problem, but this problem I think I am gonna let slide and just get a new high chair.  Because the fix for the recall wouldn't fix what is wrong with high chair.  Somewhere between #7 and #8 it broke.  So I would have to get the repair kit for the recall and then get another repair kit for the other problem as well.  And this upsets me. 

Shouldn't high chairs last like, forever?  I remember sitting in my dads high chair.  I can't even get a high chair to last 5 years.  Ok, I have 8 kids and have only had to buy 1 high chair.  So really, it's probably not fair of me to complain about having to buy a new one.  But my mother had the same high chair for all 6 of her children.    I remember her being upset at having to buy a new one when I had a baby, instead of having kept her old one.  I guess this is all my fault anyway, for having bought plastic to begin with. 

And the same is true for strollers.  I am upset that I have to buy ANOTHER twin stroller. This will be my 3rd one.  Of course I did buy them used.  So who knows how they were used and abused before hand.  But really, shouldn't they last longer?  I know for a fact my mothers stroller was my stroller and I used it for my brothers.  It was a pram.

But maybe I expect too much.  If I buy plastic baby products I should expect them to fall apart.  If I buy used baby products I shouldn't expect it to last through 8 more children. Of course companies making them realize 99% of families will only use them for one maybe two kids.  They aren't making heirlooms.  I want an heirloom.  I want to buy a wood high chair and I want it to last for my grandchildren to use.  And there better be grandchildren.  But maybe I expect too much. 

So any advice on a high chair? 


  1. Hi Michelle. I have a couple things that might work for you because I feel EXACTLY the same way lol. Kmart had a wooden chair and tray a couple years back for around $60. It had the charm of old with the modern safety features (plus no lead paint!) They were out of stores before I found out about #5, but I'm sure if you do a web search you could find one.

    The other option is one I actually did...look in a used furniture store, pref one that takes estates and such. We have one up here that had several options, mostly in the $100 range, mostly Victorian style. I was able to get one circa-1940's that folds down into a table & chair for toddlers. It's super cute & fits my style, & it was only $65. I know that's still a lot, (I also have a metal/plastic one I got at Kmart for $35) but it's well crafted and vintage.

    I'm giving you prices because I purchased mine within the last year but the prices don't seem to change much (I've been eyeing different ones for about a decade and finally caved)and it's always nice to know what something might set you back. HTH- Bobbi (in Show Low)

  2. I think you nailed it when you said mfgs are aiming for the "average" family of 1-3 kids. The chairs you are thinking of where made during the time when it was still fairly common for families to have 5+ children. We did have decent luck with our high chair. We used it for all 6 kids, plus it was on loan 2x when we weren't using it. So it went through 8 kids. It was a $25 Walmart plastic model. I did have to recover the cover. The vinyl tore and I pulled out the stuffing and made a new cover out of plain ole woven fabric in my stash... always liked it better that way, it washed up nicely. LOL. If I were to have need of a high chair again, I would just skip it and buy one of those booster seats that you strap to a regular chair that comes with a tray. I hate how much room a high chair takes. LOL. But then again, I am glad to be done with the baby scene and you are hoping to continue adding to your quiver. ;-) Good luck! I like the above suggestion of looking at used furniture stores, and hey, try some auctions too. Never know what you might find there.

  3. I thought about that booster seat but I don't have enough chairs. I have 9 chairs right now and 3 are of the folding variety. I don't really want to buy more chairs because we want to replace the table with 2 picnic tables. We are out of space at our table. I too hate how much room a high chair takes up. The older ones seem to have a smaller profile at least. I was hoping to find one that folds up. My mom has a wood one sans the tray and no manufacture name on it. But I am gonna see if I can replace it on Sunday. If not I might head on over to the antique shops in Glendale.