Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't pray for somethng to blog about

Or this will happen to you.

A fire extinguisher went off in our garage.  This is the aftermath.  We were taking stuff out of the house and putting it in the garage.  The dh threw something on a box and suddenly the garage started to fill with foam.  My 2 yr old was out there at the time on his scooter.  He started screaming, "Help me!  Helpa ME! Argh argh!" As he stood frozen in fear and amazement.  The dh too was frozen in amazement.  He just stood there he said, "Cause I knew it would stop eventually."  Yea, because we wouldn't want to MAKE IT STOP.  That would just be stupid. 

You can see in the 2nd picture the empty box in the blue bin.  Thats where the extinguisher was.  I guess God felt we didn't have enough to do. We were moving stuff around in the house for the party on Sunday, which is why stuff was going out in the garage.  All that has been put on hold now as we clean the garage.  Fun times.  Fun times.  At least we know they work. 


  1. wow, those things make a mess!
    We had a coworker set one off in a van on the interstate one day, about caused a wreck. Two years later, they were still telling the story in training meetings. (This guy ended up having lots of incidents like this - he was like a walking cartoon sometimes).

  2. Maybe that guy was related to my husband lol. Hes a walking cartoon too.