Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Glory of Early Parenthood

People think if you can just get past the baby years parenthood is easier.  Hurry and get the kids out of diapers and into underwear.  Hurry and get them on that big kid cup and off the bottles.  Get them sleeping through the night as soon as possible.  Get them into school and out of day care.  I think people have it all backwards.  Sure toddlers are hard, especially when they paint themselves with blue paint.

But over all an easy fixed compared to some of the things my older children have done. 

Like the time my oldest daughter told her best friend we didn't like her parents.  Or the time my 7 yr old told the neighbor boy that we couldn't spend the night at his house cause his father could be a bad man.  We sound like a bunch of winners don't we?  Try fixing that!  Talk about putting you in an awkward spot.  Especially when your daughters best friend tells her parents, who then calls MY parents to complain about it.  Nothing like being 30 and getting yelled at by your mom, over something your 12 yr old completely took out of context.  Or having to go face the neighbor to fix what your 7 yr old said, which was just part of this conversation, "You can't spend the night at their house till we meet his parents.  We don't know if hes a bad man or what, we have to meet him first." I don't know about  you but I would rather be scrubbing crayon off walls than deal with that drama any day.  I keep telling them to stop growing, but they don't listen to me. 

*btw, notice my ds in in paper diapers?  My dryer won't dry.  Someone know how to fix that?  I won't even  tell you what its doing to the state of laundry in this house. 

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  1. oh i have an idea about what no dryer is doin to your laundry ..all last week i was with out a washer , hubby hooked up the new one we did 2 loads of laundry and then the dryer ran out of propane so i just got the bottle refilled im playing catch up as well.. i HATE LAUNDRY!!!