Sunday, March 14, 2010

What kids say...

Sometimes needs to be deciphered.  What kids say often times sounds like a foreign language.  If you ever heard 2 kids talking you might wonder if they will turn out normally.  You just need to get inside their mind and find out what they really mean.  Here are some things kids say and what they really mean.

When your 4 yr old says, "I can hear the smell of my burger."  That means he can hear it sizzle and smell it at the same time.

When your 5 yr old says, "His face is leaking."  That means the baby is drooling and its getting everywhere. 

When your 4 yr old says, "Look this rock is half gold and half sand."  That means its a rock that has been cracked open and the outside looks like a rock and the inside looks like a gemstone. At least I am hoping.  If its real gold I'll be ticked!  

When your 2 yr old says, "Moon go down sun come up."  That means its morning, get out of bed and make me breakfast.  Seriously, that one took us months to figure out. 

And you better figure out what they are saying instead of the "uh huh" you normally give them.  Cause if you don't you are met with a 2 yr old screaming, "Talk to me!" It really is cute if he wasn't screaming it. 

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