Monday, March 15, 2010

Being a Grown Up

My 6 yr old was talking to the baby this am, "When you are my age, you will be a grown up."  Ah, so thats the power struggles we have been having!  He thinks hes all growed up now.  And here I thought we were dealing with the typical childhood testing of the limits.  No, he thinks hes an adult.  Wonder how that got into his head.  With 4 older siblings, who still live with momma, you would have thought he would have realized the error in his thinking.  This also explains why he thought he could spend the night at the 12 yr olds house across the way.  I tried to reason with him, that a 12 yr old doesn't want a 6 yr old to spend the night but he didn't seem to understand.  Now I know why.  He thinks hes as old as the 12 yr old. I had to explain you aren't an adult till you are 18.  "Ooohhhh.  18. "  Yea.  I think that was a bit of a shock to him.  Silly boy.  After a little conversation about age he seemed content to go swing on the swing and not rush out to get a job.  Although, he probably has more sense than some grown ups I know! 

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