Friday, March 12, 2010


Everything we do has consequences. Some are natural consequences.  Some are punishments.   It takes kids a little while to learn one way or another there will be consequences.  I still have not learned about natural consequences.  Like eating too much pizza leads to too much fat to work off.  Ugh.  Stupid employee discount.  Anyway.  My kids, however,  have learned some valuable lessons this week on natural consequences.

My 2 yr old learned if you sneak into the pantry to eat cookies your consequence is getting locked in said pantry.  And then we might not find you right away cause it sounds like your screams are coming from the garage or outside somewhere.

My 6 yr old learned that if you stand on the back of the sofa, after we told you not to, a picture might just fall off the wall and bonk you in the head.   He was convinced it tried to crack his head open.  Cause we all know pictures have it out for us.

And when they think they have out smarted consequences, when they don't do their spelling work for the week and still get 100% on their test, they would be wrong.  They are just given harder and harder spelling words until they have to do their work to get that 100%. 

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