Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boys can be Smart

I offered my 4 yr old 2 choices.  He could clean up the blocks or he could go to his room.  His response?  "I want another choice."  When I told him he was way too smart for a 4 yr old he said, "No, really. I want another choice."  I asked him what that he would be and he said, "You pick up the blocks."  Yup, way too smart.

We were at the park playing Frisbee when an airplane flew over head and my 4 yr old said jokingly, "I am gonna hit the plane it the Frisbee."  So the dh told him to go right ahead.  The 4 yr old whispers to the dh, "I can't really throw that high you know."

My 6 yr old told me today, "I know why you had lots of boys.  You wanted lots of boys to kiss and hug on." He's found me out!

And when I told my 4 and 6 yr old that plants like to be talked to my 4 yr old asked the Aloe plant, "Wanna hear a joke?"  He then went on to teach it addition.  "Whats 2+2? 4!  Very good!"

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