Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things I overheard on the baby monitor

Who needs a fancy intercom, just buy a baby monitor.  Its also great for spying on the kids when they think they can get away with stuff. And Daddies.  Daddies think they get away with everything.

"Hey whats going on in here? I'll eat your brains if you are being bad.  Don't make me be the zombie again."  Yea that won't give them nightmares or anything.

Right now I am listening to a toddler snore.  It kinda sounds like a train whistle far away.  No wonder why he likes trains so much, he must think he is one.

"I can make burps come out my butt."  My 4 yr old.  I have told them they are called farts, but burps sound better honestly. Gross regardless what you call it.

And my favorite, "Shhh don't tell her where we are going.  Just Go - quick!" Hmm yea. I'd like to blame the neighbor boy for that but lets get real, they would have done it anyway.

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